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Al Madina Theatre aims to represent a milestone for the Lebanese in the cultural and political development of the country.

Founded by Nidal Al Achkar in 1994, Al Madina Theatre developed into the Al Madina Theatre Association for Arts and Culture in March 2005.

Since the Lebanese government does not have a system of subvention, the Al Madina Theatre Association for Arts and Culture was founded on private and institutional donations from the Lebanese and Arab world as a non-profit Association.

Al Madina Theatre aims to promote dialogue and to create a space of free expression for all issues facing the Lebanese and Arab societies.

It is a multidisciplinary platform bringing together artists, writers and intellectuals to present their work.

In addition to plays and performances, Al Madina Theatre organizes exhibitions, screens movies (ciné-club), and hosts cultural events such as conferences, seminars, lectures, book signatures, workshops, etc.

History of the place

Nidal Al Achkar established the current Al Madina Theatre Association for Arts and Culture (March 2005) after renovating a historic cinema in Beirut (Saroulla Cinema) built in the late sixties, abandoned during the entire period of the Lebanese civil war.

Numerous donations were collected for the centre’s renovation work.

the premises

One large theatre (450 places)

One small theatre (110 places)

Joan Littlewood’s workshop space

Saaallah Wannous’s workshop space

Board of Trustees

Ms. May Kamal Joumblatt I President

Ms. Nidal Achkar I Founder

Ms. Sara Salem I Member

Dr. Mona Knio I Member

Ms. Soha Boustany I Member

Mr. Gerard Khatcharian I Member

Mr. Aref Al Aref I Member

Ms. Maria Hibri I Member

Mr. Omar Khoury I Member

Mr. Nagy Souraty I Member

Mr. Khaled Naim I Member

Ms. Rana Bohsali I Member

Ms. Hoda Baroudi I Member

Team work

Ms Nidal Al-Achkar I Founder, Chairperson and Executive Director

Dr. Mona Knio I Co-Director

Mr. Nagy Souraty I Artistic Director

Mr. Louay Ramadan I Administrative officer

Mr. Salah Issa I Reservations and Box Office

Mr. Mohamed Farhat I Chief Technician (Sound & Light)

Mr. Hassan Saleh I Reception and Formal Affairs.

Mr. Ali Farhat I Reception - Usher in

Mr. Mahmoud Bakour I Technician

Mr.Mohamad Nejme I Technician

Mr.Mohamad Asaf I Technician

Ms. Jessy Kossaify I Curator

Ms. Leila Debs I Curator

Ms. Noura Sakaf I Curator


Mr. Jamal Toukane I Accountant

Legal Department

Mr. Aref Al Aref I Oussama El Aref Law Office

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